Tree Trimming

tree trimming

Tree trimming and tree pruning are the two most important services that you can give to a tree, during its lifetime. They both help to maintain the best condition of the plant, accounting for its looks, health, and growth.

Without them, you might find that your tree quickly starts to deteriorate and you could end up losing your tree far earlier than you should. That is why you need to be coming to our team and trusting us for our great services in trimming and pruning, on a routine basis. 

We can come and give your trees all the care and attention that they need, to ensure that they can continue growing with strength and vigor, for the longest time.

Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming is a service to help you keep the condition of your tree and surrounding yard in the best shape. As trees grow, their leaves and branches spread out and expand. Sometimes, this can be too much for a tree to handle and the branches may become dangerous or even waste the energy of the tree. At the same time, a dense and thick tree canopy is going to block out any sunlight below, which can kill off grass, plants, and flowers. But if you were to allow us to deliver our tree trimming service, we would be able to avoid every one of these issues.

Hedge and Bush Trimming 

Trimming services are just as important to your hedges, bushes, and shrubs as well. If one becomes too wild and overgrown, it could be causing problems for plants nearby and it certainly won’t be looking its best. Especially when you are using your hedges and bushes to detail your property, you want to be keeping them looking their best. So, you are going to want to trust our team to deliver our great trimming services and help make sure that none of your plants are ever getting out of control.

Tree Pruning 

Potentially even more important than tree trimming is tree pruning. If you care about the health and longevity of your tree, then you simply cannot be skipping on this imperative service. When your tree picks up any fungi, infections, or even becomes infested with pests, it can do more harm than good to leave the affected limbs in place. Instead, it is far more beneficial to prune off all of the bad parts of the tree. That way, it can focus on healthy growth in the areas that need it, instead of wasting energy on those that don’t.


For those who want to see more from their tree trimming, you may be interested by our skills in topiary. The very best in tree and bush aesthetics, our topiary service is guaranteed to transform even the wildest foliage into neatly cut and tidy-looking plants. It takes an expert hand and plenty of expertise to be able to do topiary properly and when you come to our team, that is exactly what you can expect.

Our Services

Our complete list of services covers any need that you could have for your tree. At Tree Service Evans, we can provide you with all the support that you need to plant and grow a sapling and help it achieve a long, healthy lifetime, for many years.

And, once it is finally time to have it removed, we’ll be there to do so, as well. So, whenever you need something with your tree, you know you are going to be able to call on us for the solution.

Tree Removal

tree removal

Removing a tree can be a dangerous job and it is something that should only be handled by a specialist. That is why, when you need to remove your tree, you are going to want to count on our support every time.

We prioritize safety and control on every tree removal job and we make use of our industry-grade tools and equipment following the most appropriate methods. So, you know you are always going to be able to count on us for the highest standard tree cutting service.

Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Following the removal of any tree, there will always be a tree stump still left in the ground. We know you’re going to want to get rid of this too and that is why you’ll be pleased to know that we can offer you our stump grinding service.

At Tree Service Evans, we can make light work of any tree stump using our grinding tools. In just a matter of time, we’ll be able to reduce any stump to nothing more than woodchips, getting it out of your sight forever and helping to guarantee the stability and security of your property at the same time.

Tree Trimming

tree trimming

Trees grow fast and spread out wide, shadowing everything beneath them. If they become wild and overgrown, not only will they be looking a mess, but they could be causing other plants and grass below to die off. Nobody wants this in their backyard and that is why it is important to be keeping up with tree trimming services. E

ssential for any type of tree, making sure you are maintaining yours properly can be the difference between a lively verdant garden area and one that is completely dead. So, you are going to want to give our team a call for our tree trimming services.

And, if you notice that your tree has been suffering any health issues, then know you can give us a call for our expert tree pruning service, as well.

Tree Cabling

tree cabling

When strong winds and heavy storms damage your tree, it could be left in an unstable and potentially dangerous position. You want to be doing everything you can to be securing that damage and giving your tree the best chance of healing and re-growing.

Fortunately for you, at Tree Service Evans, we can help you do just that through our tree cabling service. Using quality and ultra-strong cabling tools, we’ll secure your tree and make sure that it doesn’t cause you an issue for any longer.

Land Clearing

land clearing

If you plan to make any extensions or additions to your home, or you are starting a new construction project altogether, you will need to prepare your site. It may well be filled with trees, logs, and other types of debris, which are going to get in the way of any build.

And, if yours is the same, then you are going to be interested in our professional land clearing service. For all types of organic debris, we can clear it smoothly and efficiently, giving you the ideal site for your project.

24-Hour Emergency
Storm Service

24-hour emergency storm service

Following on from heavy storms, we know all too well the damage that trees can cause. They have the potential to cause harm to your home and even endanger you and your family.

So, whenever you need urgent support with your storm-damaged tree, remember that you can count on us. At Tree Service Evans, we are proud to offer our 24-hour emergency storm service, to any resident in the town of Evans.

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So, if you care about the care of your trees, you are going to be interested in our services. Give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service to you and your trees, and we would be more than glad to lend our support.

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